А new stage in the development of our product

Тoday we are fulfilled that we have passed the stage MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and proceed to active The phase of the replication of our ENCM technological solution  on various objects, such as: Ice Arena, restaurants, fitness clubs, a multifunctional center and even the kitchen factory.

We focused on the development of the product after installed the necessary equipment on the object on our own, previously developed a detailed instruction for transferring this function to our partners.

At the end of February, we entered into a framework contract with the industrial automation bureau company (www.bpa.ru), specializing in the installation of ACS TP on large production facilities. Attracting BPA company allowed the speed and quality of installation as soon as possible. Currently, the speed of installation by two brigades is 3 objects per week.

Now there are 6 objects in the monitoring stage and this list is increasing weekly to two new objects; There are 4 objects In the transmission stage under our management and there are two objects in the active control stage.

Direct your suggestions and contacts to email address on all issues on cooperation with us by e-mail: info@iefund.ru

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