About EnCM

EnCM – Energy Consumption Management is a comprehensive energy savings solution from Independent Energy that contributes to energy efficiency and environmental protection. Since 2018, we have been actively developing in this area and investing in it in Russia and abroad.

Independent Energy was founded in 2016 and provides advanced solutions for private and government clients interested in optimizing energy consumption, managing traditional, nuclear or renewable energy sources and large infrastructure projects such as water treatment, desalination or energy storage.

The EnCM solution is based on a synthesis of simple technical solutions and artificial intelligence, which will allow you to significantly reduce your electricity and heating expenses while increasing the service life of your equipment.

EnCM includes Demand Response Management technologies: intelligent hardware and software systems for load monitoring and managing, modeling optimal consumption, climate, and technological processes.

EnCM solution is suitable for owners of restaurants, gas stations, stores, warehouses and other facilities with a total area above 300 sq.m.

A SaaS-type customer-oriented technology solution with maximum hardware flexibility and ease of deployment.

The core of EnCM is an artificial intelligence system based on the analysis of Big Data from our clients’ power systems, weather services, geolocation, physical properties of the facility, observation history and similar facilities.

Figures and facts,
company development

  • In 2016

    Independent Energy was founded in 2016, within its framework a number of major international projects in the nuclear power industry were developed based on the BOO (build-own-operate) model. It was then that we realized that most customers needed simple, effective solutions, not complex technology assets.

  • In 2018

    In 2018, we decided to create and develop the Energy Consumption Management project, which is based on an amalgamation of simple technical solutions and artificial intelligence.

  • By 2019-2020

    By 2019-2020 we accumulated sufficient experience and resources to implement “behind the meter”, energy saving projects, focusing on the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms using various hardware platforms.

  • In 2021

    By the beginning of 2021, we tested the equipment of 4 manufacturers, achieving an understanding of their compatibility and interchangeability. We have developed data technology to accommodate both wired and wireless data transmission. Currently, 12 facilities are undergoing monitoring and control systems are successfully functioning at 5 facilities. We plan implement installation at several dozen new facilities in the first quarter of 2021.


Fuad Akhundov
Fuad Akhundov
Chairman of the Board

Strategy and investments of the company. Also is the Chairman Independent Energy. Prior to that served as CEO and deputy chairman of the Board of Akkuyu Nuclear.

Worked at Uralsib, in various management capacities, including the bank’s CEO, first Deputy Chairman, Board Member, Chairman of Uralsib Asset Management. Founded United Capital Investment Group, also was a member of the Supervisory Board of London-based M&A advisory Silkroutefinancial. Earlier worked in the banking system of Azerbaijan, where he served as the Deputy Chairman of the National Bank. Led negotiations with the IMF and the World Bank and structured first IMF loans received by the country. Was one of the founders of the Currency Control Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan. From 1995 he served as Board Chairman of the International Bank of Azerbaijan. Held various positions with the government and Azerbaijan President’s

Mr. Akhundov is a graduate of the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy and the Business School at the University of Texas, he also holds degrees of the Japan Center for International Finance and the Joint Vienna Institute of the IMF.

Alexey Chalenko
Alexey Chalenko

Top Management, strategic development of the company, attraction of investments and product scaling management.

An Executive with over 25 years of experience in the financial sector. As Deputy Chairman of the Board at MDM Bank, he was in charge of corporate business-related operations, asset management and private banking services, as well as responsible for the bank’s activities in the financial markets.

He worked for FC Uralsib for over 6 years, where he was Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board, responsible for the asset management business, private equity, and real estate investments.

He was engaged in the development of the management company “Alliance Continental” and at the same time was an advisor to the president of Inteko.

He held the position of an advisor at the State Corporation Rosatom.

Built the largest management company in Russia and the best Russian private bank (Euromoney awards 2005 and 2006). Created the largest closed-end mutual investment fund in Russia. One of the partners of fintech projects for instant online lending and modern payment services HappyLend and Mandarin.io.

Grigoriy Kazakov
Grigoriy Kazakov
Managing director

Management, strategic development of the company, customer relations and mass product replication.
Began his career in 1997 at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he was involved in the audit of oil companies, supported IPOs of companies on the London Stock Exchange, and supported mergers and acquisitions. Held the position of CFO at Urals Energy, where he was responsible for managing the company’s finances and attracting debt and equity financing. Financial director during the construction of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant in Turkey.

Actively participated (from the Russian side) in international negotiations in Turkey and Pakistan on the formation of commercial agreements within the framework of signed intergovernmental agreements.
Graduated from the Russian State University of Oil and Gas named after I. M. Gubkin, received a CPA certificate in the USA.

Vyacheslav Ivanov
Vyacheslav Ivanov
Executive Director

Management, product development ideology and strategic planning of the company.
Graduate of the Moscow Institute of Radioelectronics and Automation University (MIREA), University of Toronto, University of Rochester.
Held senior positions in energy, banking, oil and gas industries. Professional activities include the position of CFO Rosatom Overseas, CEO and member of the Board of Urals Energy, key management positions in Uralsib, Gazpromneft. Partook in financing international projects and the investment banking business.
Since 2009 has been actively involved in academics, teaches the Valuation Cases in Mergers and Acquisitions course at International College of Academics and Finance, as well as the Higher School of Economics. Elected as the best teacher on repeated occasions.

Job opportunities

Business analyst

Business analyst


  • Technically oriented education: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow State University (Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Physics Department), Moscow State Technical University and similar.
  • Work experience in energetics companies, preferably in sales, knowledge of tariff systems and composition of the Russian energy market
  • Experience in data analysis and presentation of results: either in large companies, or in Big-4, consulting or IB
  • Knowledge of modern methods of data analysis, including analysis and forecasting of time series, classification method

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Development of algorithms for optimizing the energy consumption profile for specific customers
  • Implementation of price-dependent consumption elements
  • Interaction with clients and our IT developers
  • Development of algorithms for analyzing equipment operation data: automatic detection of ineffective modes and opportunities for optimization

System installation engineer

System installation engineer

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Support for the functions of Independent Energy distributed cloud resources
  • Management and contractual work with external data centers
  • Assembly, installation and commissioning of equipment: energy saving and automation systems for small commercial buildings;
  • Installation of system prototypes;
  • Configuration of communication systems between facilities and equipment;
  • Programming hardware systems
  • Participation in the design, development and procurement of optimal components

Mandatory requirements

  • Experience with main telecommunication protocols, RS 232, RS 485, Modbus, M-BUS and similar
  • Knowledge of ZigBee, Nordic, KNX, LoRa, Sigfox, and similar wireless solutions will be a significant plus
  • Experience in the installation of telecommunications equipment, cable lines and power equipment
  • Admission to work on electrical safety not lower than the 4th group;
  • Attention to detail, a willingness to work with your hands, thoroughness, ability and desire to learn, positive attitude.

Favorable skills:

  • Experience in design and installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems;
  • Knowledge of AutoCad design systems or similar.

C++ developer

C++ developer

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Functionality development for equipment control
  • Development and implementation of mathematical models
  • Writing clean code

Mandatory requirements:

  • 3+ years experience in commercial C++ development;
  • Extensive knowledge of Linux OS;
  • Experience with version control systems (Git);
  • Understanding of algorithmic complexity and a strong mathematical foundation

Favorable skills:

  • System Programming Experience in Linux OS
  • Experience working with EnergyPlus
  • Experience working with Doker

Full stack developer

Full stack developer

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Development of web services and applications
  • Backend/Frontend development


  • Extensive experience with Python (3.5+) and one of the following frameworks Django/Tornado/Flask, JavaScript (jQuery) and HTML/CSS;
  • Experience with React, NodeJS, Angular is a plus;
  • User level Linux proficiency

Key skills:

Python, Django, JS, jQuery, HTML

Data Scientist

Data Scientist

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Development of replicable solutions for modeling problems and optimal operating procedures of various equipment.

Key responsibilities:

  • Development of  function models for equipment and their processes;
  • Development of search models for optimal operating process modes based on  process models, the situation at hand and known control constraints;
  • Productionization of successful solutions;


  • At least 3 years of experience in Data Science
  • Excellent mathematical and technical background in statistics and ML:
  • Strong knowledge of Python, generally accepted packages and frameworks for data analysis and ML (NumPy, pandas, Scikit-learn, Torch / TensorFlow);
  • Confident mastery of a gentleman’s set of modern development tools – Docker, Swagger, Flask, databases, etc.;
  • Experience in launching and operating data science applications in to production. A general understanding of all aspects of modern applications  functioning  (API, logging, monitoring, security, quality assurance, configuration management, CI / CD) is an advantage;

Respectable compensation

which will allow
you to focus on
project development
and your own
professional growth

Strong and
motivated team

you will have
the opportunity to exchange
experience and grow

Difficult and
interesting tasks

participation in the development
of a new product – automation
systems in mass segments
of small and medium buildings

Comfortable working

office within walking distance
from the “Universitet” metro station

for rapid growth
with the company

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